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YA Giveaway: Phoenix (Fantasy Romance)

Looking for a forbidden romance full of werewolves and phoenix? Look no further than K.K. Cooks debut novel!

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Phoenix (Ancient Elements #1)

We are born from the sun in the sky and the people that roam the earth.
We are creatures of war and beauty and salvation.
We are the phoenix.
They are born from the tide that turns to follow the moon.
They are hunters of the night and people of the day.
They are the wolves.
Rakel grew up in the middle of the blistering hot Arizona desert. No civilization for miles around. She lived in a gated city for others like her. Others who can turn into giant war birds by mere will. Others who are phoenix.

Rakel soon discovers she has a rare ability, one that was thought to have died out millennia ago. She is one of the Vanished, someone who has the power to teleport and travel through time. Rakel is pulled from her quiet life of being invisible to being the center of every phoenixes attention. Her entire future is now in the hands of her alpha. And her alpha chooses his son Casey as her mate.

With emotions running high and powers out of control, Rakel ends up in the clutches of the werewolf alpha Ethan. A forbidden romance blooms and grows until it consumes Rakel and Ethan. Rakel has a choice that could change history. But who is her heart loyal to?

Read on as Rakel battles her inner demons and fights for her choice in life.

Author Bio

K.K. Cook is a vegetarian with an attitude. She's also a writer, a reader, and recently a book blogger. She
likes listening to Imagine Dragons while surfing the Net. Cooking is her stress reliever, and her favorite type of bread is pumpkin. She’s likely to hit you with something if you disturb her while she’s in the middle of a good book, oh, and she has issues with authority. Makes a right old mess that last one does. She lives in her own little world. Sometimes she gets lost there and doesn't want to come out. It's a good place to be.

K.K. Cook is currently working on the sequel to Phoenix, called Mythic, that will be released in Fall/Winter 2013. She is also writing a New Adult standalone under the pen name Emily Rose. The book is called Redemption and is about underground crime lords and an unexpected romance. The release date for Redemption is still unknown, as she wants to attempt to get Redemption published the traditional way. K.K. Cook is finishing up a book of poems called Tangling With Words, to be released sometime during the Summer of 2013.

The Giveaway

  • Open Internationally
  • Must be 18 years old to enter
  • Winning entree will be verified. Please be sure to complete the tasks so you won't be disqualified.
  • Five people will win Phoenix in PDF format.
  • Winners must respond to a congratulatory e-mail within 48 hours of receiving it or new winners will be chosen.
  • Once winners have been confirmed, Author K.K. Cook will supply their copies.

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