Saturday, September 15, 2012

5 Winner Giveaway: The Tube Riders (International)

Like futuristic Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy? Enter to win a copy of The Tube Riders!

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The Tube Riders*

"Beneath the dark streets of London they played a dangerous game with trains. Now it is their only chance for survival... Mega Britain in 2075 is a dangerous place. A man known as the Governor rules the country with an iron hand, but within the towering perimeter walls of London Greater Urban Area anarchy spreads unchecked through the streets. In the abandoned London Underground station of St. Cannerwells, a group of misfits calling themselves the Tube Riders seek to forget the chaos by playing a dangerous game with trains. Marta is their leader, a girl haunted by her brother’s disappearance. Of the others, Paul lives only to protect his little brother Owen, while Simon is trying to hold on to his relationship with Jess, daughter of a government official. Guarding them all is Switch, a man with a flickering eye and a faster knife, who cares only about preserving the legacy of the Tube Riders. Together, they are family. Everything changes the day they are attacked by a rival gang. While escaping, they witness an event that could bring war down on Mega Britain. Suddenly they are fleeing for their lives, pursued not only by their rivals, but by the brutal Department of Civil Affairs, government killing machines known as Huntsmen, and finally by the inhuman Governor himself."

About Chris Ward

"A proud and noble Cornishman (and to a lesser extent British), Chris Ward ran off to live and work in Japan back in 2004. There he got married, got a decent job, and got a cat. He remains pure to his Cornish/British roots while enjoying the inspiration of living in a foreign country. In addition to The Tube Riders and the forthcoming The Man Who Built the World, he is the author of 33 published stories and seven unpublished novels, some of which, thankfully, will remain so."

The Giveaway

  • Open Internationally
  • Five people will win a copy of The Tube Riders in their choice of ebook format.
  • Winners must respond to a congratulatory e-mail within 48 hours of receiving it or new winners will be chosen.
  • Once winners have been confirmed, Chris Ward will send their copy of The Tube Riders by e-mail in the format of their choice.

Ebook Giveaway - International

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You can learn more about Chris Ward at his blog:

*Book Blurb, Author Bio, Images, and all giveaway materials provided by Chris Ward.


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