Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Author Interview: Jim Bronyaur introducing "If Errands Could Kill"

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Author Jim Bronyaur about his latest publication, If Errands Could Kill, starring a stay-at-home mom.

ISBN: 061561020X
Genre: Adult Mystery

Blurb courtesy of the Author:

Up at sunrise to enjoy the quiet of a sleeping household, Eve Bailey gets her coffee, prepares breakfast for her three children, and has a spare tie ready knowing that her husband, Ben, will definitely spill something on the one he is wearing.

What inspired you to write this book/series?

I've always loved the mystery genre and I've always wanted to create a fun, fast paced, cozy mystery kind of series.  I had the idea for a woman being the lead in the series - and even had the first book planned out - but it just didn't feel right.  Then my wife stepped in (she's a stay-at-home mom) and she suggested to have my lead, Eve Bailey, be a stay-at-home mom.  I thought it was great idea... having this woman who is balancing a house, a family, soccer practice, groceries, dinner, and now trying to help solve a murder.

Does it contain profanity, violence, sexuality, or any other controversial material?


Do you have other books published? 

I write in many genres besides mystery.  Some of my favorite books are: Crystallophobia - Series of Fears #1 (horror), The Failed (horror), The Devil's Weekend (horror/thriller)


Many Thanks to Jim for lending us his time! You can purchase If Errands Could Kill from Amazon in Paperback or Kindle format. For more information on Jim Bronyaur and his other publications visit  

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